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Debunking Myths
& Misinformation

Empowering Truth: Experts and Allies Debunk Danielle Smith's Anti-Trans Policy

By Rachel Notley.  Video.  Feb 2024.

"Let’s talk about the facts.

     Not conspiracies, not false myths spread on social media – facts.

     Danielle Smith’s policy targeting trans and gender-diverse youth is an attack on a vulnerable group of youth and on thousands of Albertans. It is a massive overstep into private health care decisions. And it is an attack on the fundamental education rights of kids in our province.

     But don’t take it from me: listen to the experts and allies in our video. Listen to the people with real, lived experiences.

     Share this video and information with your friends and help combat the misinformation being spread by the Alberta government.

     Sign our petition and tell Danielle Smith to stop pursuing these proposed changes.

     Tell her that Albertans believe all human rights must be protected."


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Alberta transgender policies: Edmonton pediatrician breaks down current gender dysphoria practices

By Carly Robinson. Edmonton City News. Feb 3, 2024.

"The pediatrics section of the Alberta Medical Association is raising concerns over proposed changes to healthcare for transgender youth. Carly Robinson speaks with an physician specializing in gender affirming care for teens.

     Some pediatricians in Alberta are speaking out against the province’s new proposals regarding the health care of transgender youth.

     The Alberta Medical Association is urging Premier Danielle Smith to reconsider legislation limiting puberty blockers and hormone therapies.

     The medical professionals say that the decision belongs to the patient, their medical team and – when dealing with a minor – their parents.

     'This is a huge intrusion into someone’s privacy, into someone’s medical care. It’s putting government in your chart, in your space,' said Dr. Simone Lebeuf, an adolescent medicine pediatrician in Edmonton who specializes in treating transgender and gender-diverse youth.

     'We’re all surprised, not just from the gender-affirming care perspective, but physicians who want to practise evidence-based medicine and don’t want non-experts guiding those decisions,' Lebeuf said."



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