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   Trans Parent Alberta 101 is a compilation of resources for supportive parents, guardians and caregivers of transgender, non-binary and gender expansive children (minor or adult) in Alberta. The aim is to help them learn, navigate and support their loved one and the trans community. It is also the intention to help them find support groups and supportive organisations, as well as medical supports. May you find what resonates with you and helps you to move forward in this extraordinary journey.

   The term “parent” is used throughout the website, but is meant to encompass those who play a similar role, whether they be affirming parents, guardians, caregivers or grandparents.  The information will be of interest to family members, friends and allies as well.  Many resources are also of interest to trans, non-binary and gender expansive youth, teens and adults.

​   The term "transgender" is used as a general, umbrella term for transgender, non-binary, or gender expansive people, though a loved one may not identify specifically as "transgender".

  Resources are in the public domain and largely unevaluated. Information in "quotes" indicates it has been copied directly from the source to help evaluate whether a resource may be of interest.

   Links are included for easy access to the resource. Click on the title to go to a source, otherwise the link will be at the end of an entry.

   Books listed are linked to an online bookseller to help research or buy a book title. Titles were first searched on Canadian online bookstore Chapters Indigo. If not found, next search was on the Canadian Amazon site, then the US Amazon site. Paperback copies were the first choice to add, but other formats are often available. Bookstores such as Edmonton's Glass Bookshop may have a title in-store.

   New resources will be added as time allows. Always welcome are suggestions of resources not listed, or notifications of errors or invalid links. The links below might be a good place to start.

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