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This page is a work in progress as documentation is gathered regarding statistics and data for the transgender, non-binary and gender diverse community. Statistics Canada reports are included.


Census data gives clearer picture of Alberta's transgender, non-binary community

By Nicholas Frew. CBC News. Posted Apr 27, 2022. Last updated April 27, 2022.

Alberta accounts for over 12 per cent of Canada's transgender and non-binary populations, of people aged 15 or older, according to the latest census data. (Jane Robertson/CBC)

      For the first time, Alberta has a clearer picture of its gender diversity. 

     Data from the 2021 census released by Statistics Canada on Wednesday morning contained details relating to age, sex at birth and gender and types of dwellings.

It's the first time the census posed a question that differentiated between a person's sex at birth versus their gender.

     "It is super, super exciting," said Lindsay Peace, executive director of Skipping Stones, a Calgary-based organization that supports transgender people. "It's a really good first step in that there's some visibility now".

     Tangible numbers can be referenced when lobbying for resources, such as doctors and surgeons, Peace added

     "It's hard for trans folks to be the ones advocating and fighting," Peace said. "This just enables organizations like us to advocate at a higher level, [it] isn't putting the burden on trans individuals.'"


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