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Trans-Friendly Businesses
in Alberta

There are a couple of affirming organizations in Alberta that already have  LGBTQ2S+-friendly businesses listed on their websites. A good place to start! 

There are also a few trans-specific businesses that were noted when compiling this resource list.


Trans Affirming Network

The Skipping Stone Foundation. 

Alberta-wide support services. Mostly Calgary businesses listed on the Network.

“The Trans Affirming Network is a collection of local businesses who all share the value that it is essential to create spaces that are welcoming, respectful and inclusive of trans and gender diverse folks and are committed to working to provide this spaces themselves.

Members include businesses in the following categories. There is also a search option on the page.

Queer-Friendly / LGTBQ+ Business Directory – Edmonton, AB

Queer YEG (Queer YEG – LGBTQ+ Businesses in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

About Queer YEG. “The purpose of providing a directory of businesses and organizations that are LGTBQ+ friendly is to ensure that everyone can have a comfortable experience when seeking out services, products or support, without fear of discrimination. With Queer YEG members, you have peace of mind that you will be treated with equality and respect.”

Alberta LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce

"Our mission is to grow a diverse alliance of LGBTQ+ and allied businesses and professionals to promote economic growth and prosperity in Alberta. The Alberta LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce exists to help build a strong Alberta economy supported by, and supportive of, diverse communities.

       We work to build inclusive environments that foster economic prosperity in our communities.  We promote our member businesses and our community partners -- because we believe we are stronger together. We enhance opportunities to access resources, to build skills and to create networks, partnerships and opportunities with like minded individuals and organizations. We advocate and educate for the benefit of our members and the greater LGTBQ2S Community."


Retail store in Edmonton.

“The QUILTBAG is an LGBTQ+ retail shop carrying queer & trans wares in Edmonton, Alberta and online. "QUILTBAG" is a fun-to-say variation of the LGBTQ+ acronym. It stands for queer, questioning, unlabelled, intersex, lesbian, trans, two-spirit, bisexual, asexual, gay, genderqueer, and more. The shop carries an always changing assortment of custom and curated accessories like pins, pronoun buttons, patches, stickers; art by local artists; small gifts; and trans gear including chest binders and compression underwear."

QUILTBAG's Trans Community Fund 

"The QUILTBAG's Trans Community Fund is available for low income trans, non-binary, and two-spirit people to access gender affirming items from the store at no cost - this includes binders, gaffs, bras, packers, clothing, shoes, accessories, body products, and more. The Trans Community Fund is co-administered by the CHEW Project.”

Strands for trans

List of trans-friendly hair salons and barber shops in Canada and internationally.

 “Haircuts are historically gendered: Salons for women. Barbershops for men. This leaves the trans community feeling uncomfortable, unwelcome and unsure. Strands For Trans is bringing gays, straights, women, men, anyone, together to create more trans-friendly barbershops and hair salons. Join in and let’s help this community feel welcome. Calling all shop owners: The barber pole is an iconic symbol for barbershops everywhere. Now, it can be a symbol for change. Inspired by the trans flag, the new design is a signal to trans people that they can feel safe, comfortable and welcome in your chairs.”



Everyday Anomaly Coaching & Mentorship: Empowering the transgender community

By Dean Rasmussen. Coach and blogger.  Grande Prairie.

Dean offers coaching, weekly virtual support groups, blogs and podcasts.

“As a trans person and parent of trans kids, I have a unique and valuable perspective to offer you and your family. I believe that life should be intentional, successful and celebrated!

   Everyday Anomaly Coaching and Mentorship grew out of my desire to empower the transgender community and their families. Over the past 4 years I have met a disproportionate number of transgender folks who struggle with loving and accepting themselves. I’ve met numerous parents who want their kids to have the best possible life but aren’t sure how to empower their transgender children. I believe that being transgender is a gift. I believe that the world will have no option but to celebrate transgender and non binary individuals when we are empowered to show up as our truest selves proudly and unapologetically.”




Instagram:       @everydayanomalycoaching


J.B. Diversity Inclusion & Consulting

B Adair, CCIP (Cdn Certified Inclusion Professional).   (Alberta)

"My name is B Adair (he/him) and I was raised on a farm in East Central Alberta.  While navigating rural life as a gay and transgender man, I discovered my truest passion: diversity and inclusion advocacy. 

   Just B Consulting helps embrace diversity and dismantle stereotypes and prejudices in your home, school, or workplace by creating customized training to best suit the unique needs of individuals, businesses, community groups, families, and more."

EMAIL.   FACEBOOK  (403) 741-8984

​​​​​​Sable Chan Voice Therapist. Edmonton.

Sable Chan earned a Masters in Speech Pathology and Audiology from the University of Alberta and a Certificate of Vocology from the University of Iowa. Sable sings professionally with Pro Coro Canada and the Edmonton Opera Chorus. She has an interest in using voice science principles to inform her approach to voice therapy and singing.

Voice Therapy Services: Sable provides voice therapy for speakers experiencing difficulties with everyday voice use, performing voice, and gender transition voice training. She works with clients to address voice challenges related functional daily tasks such as speaking in a classroom, vocal fatigue while singing or being misgendered on the telephone.

Gender Affirming Voice and Communication Training: This includes individuals who are seeking voice training to develop a voice that matches their gender identity.


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