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A conversation with Dean Rasmussen

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast Episode 52, recorded 17 June 2021. (Grande Prairie, AB)
“Dean (he/they) is a transgender man rebelling against the binary every chance they can. He and his partner Julie are parents to 8 remarkably unique humans, two of which are also trans. With a coming out story spanning nearly 20 years, a few sexualities and more than one gender, Dean has finally discovered what it means to live their most authentic life and spends his days teaching others how to do the same. Dean is a Life Coach whose passions are empowering the LGBTQ2S community, especially later in life transgender folks, parenting and personal growth. In many ways they’re just your everyday guy, in other ways, he is quite the anomaly!”
Click to go to:   Website. Facebook. 

How parenting a transgender child helped her discover her authentic self: A conversation with Tammy Plunkett

This is My Truth Podcast Episode 93.  (Canada)
Advocate for parents of transgender and LGBTQ children.

Click to go to Tammy's WEBSITE.

Living in the world as a nonbinary person

By Meaghan Ray. Let’s Talk Gender Podcast. Season 2, Episode 7. Oct 2021

“This episode is about living in the world as a nonbinary person including what ‘passing’ means for nonbinary people, navigating public washrooms, going to the gym, and how a nonbinary perspective can influence how you interpret other aspects of society.“

Nonbinary identities and labels

By Meaghan Ray. Let’s Talk Gender Podcast. Season 2, Episode 1. Oct 2021. (Alberta)

“To start off Season 2, I will be talking about nonbinary identities and labels. We talk about this, in Season 1: Episode 1: Language and Labels, but this time I’ll focus specifically on non-binary identities and labels. “


​​(Podcast about) Hey Cis!

Podcast out of Halifax.  (Nova Scotia)
Podcast explores issues facing transgender and non-binary youth
“Podcast host and editor Isaac Cook tells us about Hey Cis!, a podcast for cisgender people about issues facing transgender and non-binary youth.”


CBC Ideas podcast.  (Canada)

"For the past two years, Asher and I have been documenting his gender transition with a series of audio-taped scenes and conversations. The result is our IDEAS documentary, Passaggio." Click for written story.

"‘Passaggio’ is a term from classical singing, describing the transition between vocal registers. It's also the title of a documentary by Pamela Post about the transition of her transgender son, Asher — a serious performer of vocal music. The documentary captures this intimate passaggio as Asher confronts the pain of medical procedures and the prospect of losing both his musical career and his partner."


Alok on Unruly Beauty / 245

Podcast episode for The Wild Podcast. Aug 4, 2021.

"ALOK (Vaid-Menon) shares how challenging the gender binary is not only in service to our collective wellbeing but is a reverential offering in acknowledging our true celestial expansiveness that has been dimmed under binarism, heteronormativity, and colonialism. ALOK is a gender non-conforming writer and performance artist. Their distinctive style and poetic challenge to the gender binary have been internationally renowned."


A father’s journey with his transgender daughter
By Bridget & Jackie. Transgender School Podcast & YouTube video. Mar 2021. (US)
“In this episode, we add a special guest to the conversation, Bridget’s spouse and Jackie’s father, Neal Thornhill. We talk about the journey of having a transgender child from a parent’s perspective and how Jackie’s experience with announcing her transition publicly made her a stronger person. In the last episode, Bridget shared her first reactions to Jackie coming out as transgender, and today you’ll hear how Neal dealt with the news initially and what are, in his opinion, the things every parent should avoid. Tune in to hear Neal’s internal battle between wanting to prevent his family from suffering and feeling powerless in the face of the unknown territory he stepped into.”


Guest Podcast with Bridget Sampson

Hosted by Greg Berard on his "On Living A Full Life" podcast.

Includes podcast transcript.

"I had the privilege and joy of interviewing Jackie and Bridget (recording below in case you’re interested to hear their story) and Bridget asked me if there was a way to try to spread the word about and I asked her if she would be interested in writing a short guest blog. She responded quickly. I hope you enjoy it and for anyone interested in learning more, there are videos and links below in the post."

Medical care for transgender youth with Dr Johanna Olsen-Kennedy

Transgender School Podcast. YouTube. Episode 8. Aug 31, 2021.  (US)

"You don’t want to miss this very important conversation with one of the world’s leading experts in medical care for transgender children, teens, and young adults. Dr Johanna Olsen-Kennedy shared her vast wisdom and clarified so many of the common misconceptions about transgender people and their medical care. With a patient load of over 700 transgender children, teens, and young adults and 16 years of experience in this field, Dr. Olsen-Kennedy has answers to our most pressing questions related to gender dysphoria, treatment options, and much more.
    Because this conversation was so rich and covered so many critical life-saving aspects of transgender care, these  bullet points will give you an idea of just some of what we were able to cover with Dr Olsen-Kennedy. We will be doing a part 2 with her in the future.
● Challenges with access to gender affirming medical care  
● Bringing the body and brain into alignment  
● Gender identity lives in the brain  
● Gender is a color wheel of shades, not a binary  
● Why trans care is now a political issue  
● The top 5 concerns parents usually have about medical care for their trans kids
● What a visit to a physician who specializes in gender care should include  
● A typical first visit with Dr. Olsen-Kennedy and the importance of that first conversation
● The reality of hormones – it’s not a one-time decision & it will have the greatest positive effect on the brain, in addition to beards and boobs  
● Puberty blockers are reversible  "




NOTE:  Some topics are adult-themed.




Let’s talk gender podcast

By Meaghan Ray. 2020-->.  Podcasts.  (Alberta)

A podcast series. Meaghan Ray also has a blog, Purple and Green and the Life in Between, "about being gender queer/non-binary, having a partner who transitions, our journey through fertility, pregnancy, and parenting, and musings about the gendered aspects of society.”

Season 1:   Our experiences exploring our genders and transitioning. 

Season 2:   Nonbinary identities, experiences, and perspectives. 


Queer Halftime by Bekah and Kelsey

Outloud St Albert Podcast.  Feb 2022-->.    (Alberta)

"Join Bekah and Kelsey as they don't talk about sports but do talk about all things queer! And maybe one day talk about sports, never say never."  NOTE: Some topics are adult-themed.

Tales of the 2SLGBTQ+

Podcasts by Douglas Parsons, out of Edmonton.


"Tales of the 2SLGBT+ is a weekly podcast that sheds light on the remarkable people within our 2SLGBTQ+ family. The guests interviewed come from all walks of life, and they have a story worth listening to. We do not shy away from any topic. The stories from our Rainbow Community at the local, national and international levels should be heard and celebrated! Tales of the 2SLGBTQ+ has been created in original form as a video podcast, and it is provided here for your convenience to listen to in the audio form."


Gender diaries
Podcasts and blog by two Vancouver moms of young transgender kids.

Feb 2019-2020. (BC)
“Hi, I’m Lucy! And I’m Ruby! Welcome to The Gender Diaries Podcast. A place of community and belonging for parents of transgender kiddos and anyone else looking to support a gender diverse child in their life.” [“Hi folks! We are the co-creators of The Gender Diaries Podcast, broadcasting out of the Greater Vancouver area. We met online. Our real names are not Ruby & Lucy… and in our podcast we refer to our kiddos using the first letters of their names. Our identities are anonymous because we have chosen to keep our children’s identities private so that they can choose when and how to come out under their own terms in the future. We are two cisgender women who use the pronouns she/her. Our kiddos are (5 and 9) years old and use the pronouns he/him/his. Check out the PODCAST for available episodes, and the BLOG for more stories.”]



Hey Cis!

Weekly podcast series out of Halifax. (Nova Scotia)

Hey, Cis! is a weekly head-on conversation about current affairs and gender-based issues affecting trans and non-binary youth, students and adults within our Maritime community. We take on difficult topics; breaking us out of the binary, smashing stigma and fostering greater connection between our cisgender community and trans, gender creative and non-binary community.“



How to be a girl

Podcast series by mom of a trans daughter.  2015-present.  (US)

"How to Be a Girl is an audio podcast I produce about life with my six-year-old transgender daughter. It stars the two of us -- a single mom and a six-year-old 'girl with a penis' -- as we attempt together to sort out just what it means to be a girl."

Trans-Parenting: Supporting transgender youth & their families
By Debi, parent of a transgender child. Blog and podcasts.  (US)
‘Trans-Parenting is an organization dedicated to providing support and educational resources to parents and their advocates (pediatricians, mental health professionals, lawyers, schools, friends, family, and churches) raising a gender independent child.’

With Jackson Bird. NY. Podcasts.  (US)
“Transmission is breaking transgender stereotypes one episode at a time. Host Jackson Bird sits down with a fellow trans person each episode to talk about their experiences in our new age of heightened trans visibility.”

Vanessa Lee Nic.  Listen.
”I have a podcast on Anchor FM where I discuss all things about my journey of parenting a trans kiddo.” Oct 2014-May 2020.  (US)

About Vanessa:  "Writer of Life. Advocate. Activist. Ally."  Blogger under name Vanessa Nichols.

“In January 2018, my son came out as transgender and much of my writing is dedicated to him, to our journey, and to my personal journey. This has been a learning process for me as a mom, to educate myself on what it means to be transgender. This road as a parent of a trans child is ever-evolving. My son is teaching me everything I need to know so I follow his lead. You’ll find that if you go back in my writings, prior to my son coming out, if you read between the lines, or in some cases, read the lines themselves, you’ll feel my struggle of coming to the understanding of having a trans child, and hopefully, you’ll also be able to feel my absolute unconditional love for him, too. My writings sometimes are sporadic, sometimes they’re messy, sometimes they’re raw. Much like life.”


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