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Protect Trans Kids Now!

      It has never been more important in Alberta, and other provinces, to protect transgender, non-binary and gender diverse children and adults than NOW.

      Trans people do not chose to be trans. No one "makes" them trans. They just are. Their choices must be under the care of affirming parents who consult with medical doctors who work with the family to support the child. No one is pushing anyone to be trans. I know zero trans people who wanted to be trans.

      The UCP policies put forward in Alberta by Marlaina Smith (Marlaina Danielle Smith) will cause mental distress and there will be suicides if her legislation goes through, as well as assaults of this vulnerable group of people.

       She will have the blood of children on her hands if she pursues this misinformed and dangerous platform. As we speak, a young non-binary person named Nex was beaten in a US school washroom by three classmates, and died.

      Is it worth the votes to try to satisfy the UCP party politics if children and adults are dead due to the discussion and rhetoric? The proposed policies are already creating terror for the young people. And adults. Especially parents who are trying to support their child and keep their child safe.

       Now is the time to speak up for our vulnerable transgender, non-binary and gender-diverse children, youth, young adults and adults.

This is my personal opinion as a Mama Bear supporting

the trans, non-binary and gender diverse community







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