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Empowering Truth: Experts and Allies Debunk Danielle Smith's Anti-Trans Policy

By Rachel Notley.  Video.  Feb 2024.

"Let’s talk about the facts.  Not conspiracies, not false myths spread on social media – facts.

     Danielle Smith’s policy targeting trans and gender-diverse youth is an attack on a vulnerable group of youth and on thousands of Albertans. It is a massive overstep into private health care decisions. And it is an attack on the fundamental education rights of kids in our province.

     But don’t take it from me: listen to the experts and allies in our video. Listen to the people with real, lived experiences.

     Share this video and information with your friends and help combat the misinformation being spread by the Alberta government.

     Sign our petition and tell Danielle Smith to stop pursuing these proposed changes.

     Tell her that Albertans believe all human rights must be protected."



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"Tell Premier Danielle Smith:

Retract Harmful

Anti-Trans Policies Now"


A Petition of the Trans Action Alberta Coalition

Go to this page to sign the PETITION

The Trans Action Alberta Coalition is a coalition of partners

and endorsing organizations that share the common goal of

ensuring that Alberta is a safe and inclusive place for

transgender and gender-diverse people.


Our coalition is led by Skipping Stone and includes Egale Canada

Queer Citizens United, Affirming Connections, Purpose Med

Calgary Outlink, End of the Rainbow Foundation,

Rainbow Elders CalgaryTrans Equality Society of Alberta,

and the Alberta LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce.

New coalition members are being added frequently.

Interested in joining the coalition? Contact us



Contact Your MLA to Express Your Concerns

and Request These Dangerous UCP

Proposed Policies Be Dropped



-- Use discretion on who to contact based on the

content and nature of the letter --

* NOTE:    If you are emailing a UCP MLA, send a blind copy (bcc)

to an NDP MLA so they will receive notice of the correspondence

for tracking purposes *





by 1 Million Voices for Inclusion

Thursday, February 1/24 @ 8:00 am to Sunday, March 31/24 @ 5:00 pm

Templates for writing letters to Alberta politicians

     "Thank you for your interest in using our letter templates. The hope is this makes it easier to send a volume of letters that reflects the importance and urgency of the matters at hand.

     The letters are named based one the intended recipient type (i.e. Government) and the nature of the letter’s content.

      These letters have been submitted by folks just like yourself who have taken time to express the thoughts, perspectives, and information that communicate Alberta does not want these anti-trans policies. No credit or attribution is required, please feel free to edit, adjust and personalize these letters as you see fit.

     The purpose is to share some of the heavy lifting in the composition process so we can focus on making our voices heard by the volume and relentlessness of our opposition."


Trans Rights Letter Campaign 2024

Click header and complete the information

to have a letter submitted

to your Alberta MLA

regarding the developing legislation

impacting transgender Albertans



"Alberta's Anti-LGBTQ Policies"


Today, no matter where you live in Canada,

we are asking you to send a letter to

Premier Smith speaking out against

the proposed changes

Click LINK to send a letter

     "Momentum runs programming and advocacy campaigns that help 2SLGBTQIA+ people thrive. Our areas of focus — confronting hate, promoting mental health, realizing the rights of 2SLGBTQIA+ children and youth, and ending gender-based violence — guide our work alongside 2SLGBTQIA+ communities.

      Momentum presses governments and decision-makers to take action on 2SLGBTQIA+ human rights, health, safety, and justice. Working alongside and in collaboration with other stakeholders, we drive transformative change for 2SLGBTQIA+ people."






Make trans inclusion a condition

of healthcare funding


"Right now in Alberta, Premier Danielle Smith is launching an all-cylinder assault on medically-necessary healthcare for trans people.(1)
      It’s nothing more than a cynical move to pander to her far right base amid the rising popularity of Trump-style culture wars in Canada. But if she gets her way, Smith’s latest fixation will harm queer and trans people across the province – forcing young people back into the closet and drastically increasing the incidences of youth self-harm and suicides.(2)
      It’s a well-documented fact: gender-affirming care saves lives.(3,4) And denying medically-necessary care to anyone goes against the very premise of Canada’s health care system.
      Alberta receives billions every year in federal healthcare funding via the Canada Health Transfer.(5)

      Will you sign the petition calling on federal Minister of Health Mark Holland to make access to gender-affirming care a condition of the Canada Health Transfer for all provinces?"


Petition to the Government of Canada

"White Paper on the Status of

Trans and Gender Diverse People"

** Petition number: e-no 4666 (Civil and Human Rights) **

** NOTE: Petition closed for signatures

March 7, 2024 **

Click to see the complete copy of the

White Paper on the Status of

Trans and Gender Diverse People.


Submitted by

Randall Garrison, MP (he/him) Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke.

Principal Researcher: Dylana Thompson (she/her).  June 2023.


Amnesty International Canada


"Alberta: Halt Anti-2SLGBTQQIA+ Policy Measures"


Alberta's Premier has released a video outlining the provincial government's plan for a sweeping attack on the rights of 2SLGBTQQIA+ people in Alberta.

This attack on the rights, freedoms and wellness of 2SLGBTQQIA+ people must end.

Send a message to Premier Danielle Smith to immediately halt the Anti-2SLGBTQQIA+ policy measures. (click on title header to send the message)


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