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Fitness and Gym Access

Trans Wellness Initiative. Alberta.

"Accessing and navigating fitness spaces as a trans or nonbinary person can sometimes be challenging. This section gives tips and tools to help you have positive fitness experiences."

Team Edmonton
“Since 2006, Team Edmonton has been a springboard for safe, inclusive sports and recreation in our city. Team Edmonton supports LGBTQ2+ friendly sports and recreation in Edmonton by encouraging participation in inclusive, affordable activities throughout the city. These activities are offered through community based sports and recreation groups that unite under the Team Edmonton umbrella to provide a diverse selection of activities for LGBTQ2+ adults, including individual/group fitness (e.g. running, yoga), individual/team sports (e.g. dodgeball, water polo) and social/hobby events (e.g. archery, board games). We also work to cultivate a community of LGBTQ2+ adults connected through sport, fitness and fun.”





Guidelines for the inclusion of transgender members

Girl Guides Canada. (2020?)

"Girl Guides of Canada–Guides du Canada (GGC) recognizes and values the richness of human diversity in its many forms, and therefore strives to ensure environments where girls and women from all walks of life, identities, and lived experiences feel a sense of belonging and can participate fully. As such, persons who live their lives as females are welcome to join GGC.
    This document will assist Unit Guiders who are working with girls who identify as transgender. These guidelines will help you welcome and include transgender members in your unit, as well as work with transgender adult members or parents."





Despite recent legislative pushback, schools across the country are recognizing the important benefits of equal participation in sports for all young people, including transgender youth

Bailar Schuylar

Schuyler’s website, has a lot of information.

Schuyler is the first trans athlete to compete in any sport on an NCAA D1 men’s team, and the only to have competed for all four years. He is an internationally-celebrated inspirational speaker and a respected advocate for inclusion, body-positivity, and mental health awareness.


Being transgender is not a choice

By Chris Mosier. Graphic.

“Hall of fame triathlete, All-American duathlete, 2x national champ & 1st transgender man on Team USA.” Advocate.

graphic  Facebook page


Fair play: The importance of sports participation for transgender youth
By Shoshana K. Goldbert. Feb 2021


Four myths about trans athletes, debunked
“Upholding trans athletes’ rights requires rooting out the inaccurate beliefs underlying harmful policies sweeping through state legislatures.“


Gender affirming and inclusive athletics participation
“For all students, having the opportunity to participate in sports results in positive outcomes, including physical development, social skills, and psychological well-being. The psychological benefits of sports specifically include improved emotional regulation, decreased hopelessness and suicidality, fewer depressive symptoms, and higher self-esteem. Research has also found that sports participation is related to greater feelings of school belonging and pro-school behaviors. GLSEN’s research has shown that on a 4.0 scale, LGBTQ+ student athletes have a GPA that is 0.2 points higher than students who did not participate in athletics. LGTBQ+ team leaders have a GPA that is 0.4 points higher than their peers who did not participate in athletics. Further, 56% of LGBTQ+ team members and 66% of LGBTQ+ team leaders competing in high school sports report feeling a positive sense of belonging at school.”


I blocked my grandmother on Facebook: NCAA swimmer comes out transgender
By Schuyler Bailar. (Ted Talk)
“Schuyler Bailar is the first openly transgender athlete to compete in any sport on an NCAA Division 1 men’s team. By 15, he was one of the nation’s top 20 15-year-old breast strokers. By 17, he set a national age group record. Now he swims for Harvard University. Schuyler’s difficult choice – to transition while potentially giving up the prospect of being an NCAA Champion – was historic and timely. His story has appeared everywhere from The Washington Post to 60 Minutes and The Ellen Show. Schuyler chronicles his experiences on Instagram – @pinkmantaray – so others may explore his example in their journey.”


In coming out as trans, Nikki Hiltz is visible, vulnerable, and making track more inclusive

By On Her Turf contributor. April 2021.


The inclusion of transgender athletes
By Schuylar Bailar. March 2021.
“Trans folks’ participation in sports is a fiercely debated topic. Though trans people face discrimination in most arenas, sports seems to be the most difficult one, especially when folks attempt to bring—usually unsubstantiated—”scientific“ claims into the discussions.”


Joe Biden’s gender discrimination order offers hope for young trans athletes

“Order delivers incremental win for athletes seeking to participate as their identified gender in high school and college sports“


Meet Rebekah
Human Rights Campaign. April 2021. Video. (US)
“Since the start of 2021, legislators in more than 30 states have introduced bills that would ban transgender kids from playing sports.
Few of them have bothered to get to know the kids who would be impacted.
Meet Rebekah.”


NCAA Inclusion of transgender student-athletes
By NCAA Office of Inclusion. Aug 2011. (National Collegiate Athletic Association)


Study examines attitudes toward transgender athletes
“The research published in the journal Sex Roles identifies sports fans as a significant source of resistance to transgender participation on sports teams that match their gender identity”
University of Toledo News Release 14 Jan 2020


Twitter thread perfectly puts into perspective the toxic rhetoric around trans athletes
By Lowenna Waters. March 2021
“In recent weeks, there has been a stream of negative propaganda around the topic of transgender athletes. Transgender athletes have begun to break barriers at all levels of competitive sports, however their achievements have sparked a backlash of resentment among those who think that they’re not competing on a level playing field. However, some people are fighting back against what they view as a ‘transphobic’ stance, including the activist, writer and former naval aviator Brynn Tannehill.”


“What about the trans athletes who compete — and win — in men’s sports?"
"On the oft-overlooked case of America’s supposedly “disadvantaged” transmasculine athletes”
By Britni de la Cretaz. Jan 2021
Talks about how important it is for trans athletes to participate as their true self.