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The truth will shock you.

By Sophie Labelle.

Assigned Male Comics.



Action Potential Fitness

"We are proud to be Queer Owned and Operated"

Owners and an indomitable duo are Toni Harris (CSEP CPT/NASM CES) and Zita Dube-Lockhart (CSEP CPT/"NASM CES/FNS/BCS.  Toni is also the Programs Director for the Center for Trauma Informed Fitness.

OUR VISION:  Fitness for Every Body. Health For Everyone.

OUR MISSION: To provide high-quality fitness and health services that promote self-acceptance, self-compassion, and self-celebration in all aspects of physical, psychological and social well-being.

Services include Whole Person Wellness -- "Our Trauma Informed Behaviour Change Specialists are qualified and experienced coaches who can help support unlearning old


Address:  17210 106a Ave, Edmonton

Phone:   (780) 221-6636

Facebook page.


VIDEO:  Co-Owner, Toni Harris reacts to UCP's proposed restrictions on Trans Youth. Excerpt from "Empowering Truth Experts and Alilies Debunk Danielle Smith's Anti-Trans Policy" (Alberta NDP).

Trans Formed. By trans people. For trans people.

Program Director Toni Harris. Sessions held at the Action Potential Fitness Studio, Edmonton.

"We are an inclusive, intersectional, body accepting facility. This program is specifically designed to cater to individuals who identify as Transgender, Two-Spirit, Non Binary, or are otherwise gender non-confirming. Only you know your true self and can define your gender identify. We will respect all gender identifies, pronouns, and presentations.

      Strength training has been linked to a wide variety of positive outcomes for all populations but some of these benefits can be even more impactful for Trans people. This program has been designed specifically BY and FOR Trans/Non-Binary people, with our needs, our realities, and our bodies in mind. We offer a safe, gender-affirming space where you can show up as you are, exactly where you are at in this moment. Our team is educated and equipped to support you with a variety of Trans specific topics including but not limited to:

  • Corrective Exercise strategies for Gender Affirming Surgeries

  • HRT Considerations

  • Fitness prescriptions for stress and trauma recovery

  • Gender affirming body sculpting strategies

  • Managing Body Dysmorphia, Gender Dysphoria, and Exercise Aversion

  • Managing Physiological Outcomes of Binding and Tucking

  • Fitness as Social Connection

  • Mindset Management and Behaviour Change"

TRANS FORMED ARTICLE:    Edmonton gym building muscle and community for transgender clients

Fitness: Trans Formed focuses on barrier-free fitness for transgender Edmontonians

By Clare Bonnyman. CBC. Posted Feb 14, 2023.

"The free, volunteer-run program launched in January out of Action Potential Fitness — an inclusion-focused facility in west Edmonton."

This program is offered through the nonprofit Center for Trauma Informed Fitness.


Fitness and Gym Access

Trans Wellness Initiative. Alberta.

"Accessing and navigating fitness spaces as a trans or nonbinary person can sometimes be challenging. This section gives tips and tools to help you have positive fitness experiences."


Team Edmonton

Adult LGBTQ2S+ sports teams.

"Since 2006, Team Edmonton has been a springboard for safe, inclusive sports and recreation in our city. Team Edmonton supports LGBTQ2+ friendly sports and recreation in Edmonton by encouraging participation in inclusive, affordable activities throughout the city. These activities are offered through community based sports and recreation groups that unite under the Team Edmonton umbrella to provide a diverse selection of activities for LGBTQ2+ adults, including individual/group fitness (e.g. running, yoga), individual/team sports (e.g. dodgeball, water polo) and social/hobby events (e.g. archery, board games). We also work to cultivate a community of LGBTQ2+ adults connected through sport, fitness and fun.”


Edmonton Rage LGBT+ Hockey

"The Edmonton Rage was formed in July 2019. Our Mission Statement is to provide a safe, inclusive space for ice hockey in the Edmonton Area. We have a team and a community focused on inclusivity in sport for LGBT+ athletes and allies. Whether you are playing on our team or just want to get out and skate and maybe shoot a puck around on the ice, we have a space for everyone!"



By Edmonton Sport Council


"Much of sport is organized by sex or gender; however, not every athlete fits into or identifies with the binary of male and female. Creating welcoming, inclusive teams for the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, trans-identified, queer, intersex and two spirited community and allies is new territory for many sport organizations. The (see site) resources provide information and guidance for inclusion to make Canadian sport a positive space for all athlete."


Inaugural competition carves new inclusive space for skateboarders

By Jessica Nelson. St Albert Gazette. Sept 27, 2022.

"Seventy-five skaters took part in The Ambush — an all-women, girls, trans, non-binary, and gender expansive event — at Woodlands Skatepark on Saturday."


Trans-Inclusive Athletes of Alberta

Facebook page created in Feb 2024.

"TIAA is dedicated to advocacy and protecting Trans Athletes' Rights in sports."


The Canadian non-binary youth in sports report

Prepared by Martha Gumprich, MSc and Nicola Hare - Ankors Trans Connect.

"The experiences of non-binary youth in organized team sports in Canada have been drastically understudied. Martha Gumprich's (they/them) master's thesis examined these experiences using data collected through the UnACoRN (Understanding Affirming Community, Relationships and Networks) Study, an online survey for youth ages 15-29 across Canada."

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Girl Guides of Canada.

"Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada (GGC) recognizes and values the richness of human diversity in its many forms, and therefore strives to ensure environments where girls and women from all walks of life, identities, and lived experiences feel a sense of belonging and can participate fully. This commitment to inclusion means GGC's culture, programming, and practices encourage self-awareness and awareness of others; room for difference; and environments where girls and women feel safe, respected, supported, and inspired to reach their potential.

     Guiding is for everyone (handbook) is a comprehensive resource that outlines GGC’s framework and guidelines for achieving diversity, equity and inclusion. It also provides guidance for staff and members on making activities, events, and programming inclusive."

Why more non-binary athletes are avoiding organized sports in school

Physical education programs discriminate against non-binary youth because they're forced to pick one gender and one team

By Tobin Ng, Broadview magazine, Feb 21, 2024.


Why should trans kids participate in school sports.png
Being transgender is not a choice quote graphic Chris Mosier.jpg



Team Trans Ice Hockey

"Team Trans is the first-ever ice hockey team made up entirely of transgender athletes. We aim to provide a safe space for trans athletes to compete and make a community in sport."

Click for article "Meet the all-trans hockey game changing lives one game at a time: 'My found family".  By Maggie Baska, Pink News, Feb 2023.

Advocating for inclusion

"Schuyler Bailar (he/him) is the first transgender athlete to compete in any sport on an NCAA Division 1 men’s team. Schuyler’s difficult choice—to transition while potentially giving up the prospect of being an NCAA champion—was historic.
  Schuyler's story has appeared everywhere from 60 Minutes to The Ellen Show and his tireless advocacy has earned him honors including LGBTQ Nation’s Instagram Advocate for 2020 and the Harvard Director’s Award. In addition to being one of the top social media LGBTQ+ educators and advocates, Schuyler is a leading DEI speaker and advisor for hundreds of businesses, organizations, and schools. Schuyler also continues his academic pursuits in the Evolutionary Psychology Lab and the Valera Clinical Psychology Lab at Harvard.

 Schuylar is also the author of Obie is Man Enough published in 2021.

Being transgender is not a choice

By Chris Mosier.  Graphic.  2021.

“Hall of fame triathlete, All-American duathlete, 2x national champ & first transgender man on Team USA.” Advocate. 

Facebook page

Website - transathlete

Changing the game

Director Michael Barnett. Documentary. 2019.  On Hulu.

"Transgender high school athletes from across the country compete at the top of their fields, while also challenging the boundaries and perceptions of fairness and discrimination."

See trailer.

Fact sheet: The importance of sports participation for transgender youth

By Shoshana K. Goldbert and Theo Santos. The Center for American Progress. March 2021.

"Transgender students deserve full and equal access to the benefits of school sports participation."

The Center for American Progress is an independent nonpartisan policy institute that is dedicated to improving the lives of all Americans through bold, progressive ideas, as well as strong leadership and concerted action. Our aim is not just to change the conversation, but to change the country.

Four myths about trans athletes, debunked
By the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union).

“Upholding trans athletes’ rights requires rooting out the inaccurate beliefs underlying harmful policies sweeping through state legislatures.“

Gender affirming and inclusive athletics participation
By GLSEN.  2018(?)
“For all students, having the opportunity to participate in sports results in positive outcomes, including physical development, social skills, and psychological well-being. The psychological benefits of sports specifically include improved emotional regulation, decreased hopelessness and suicidality, fewer depressive symptoms, and higher self-esteem. Research has also found that sports participation is related to greater feelings of school belonging and pro-school behaviors. GLSEN’s research has shown that on a 4.0 scale, LGBTQ+ student athletes have a GPA that is 0.2 points higher than students who did not participate in athletics. LGTBQ+ team leaders have a GPA that is 0.4 points higher than their peers who did not participate in athletics. Further, 56% of LGBTQ+ team members and 66% of LGBTQ+ team leaders competing in high school sports report feeling a positive sense of belonging at school.”

I blocked my grandmother on Facebook: NCAA swimmer comes out transgender
By Schuyler Bailar. (Ted Talk)
“Schuyler Bailar is the first openly transgender athlete to compete in any sport on an NCAA Division 1 men’s team. By 15, he was one of the nation’s top 20 15-year-old breast strokers. By 17, he set a national age group record. Now he swims for Harvard University. Schuyler’s difficult choice – to transition while potentially giving up the prospect of being an NCAA Champion – was historic and timely. His story has appeared everywhere from The Washington Post to 60 Minutes and The Ellen Show. Schuyler chronicles his experiences on Instagram – @pinkmantaray – so others may explore his example in their journey.”

I'm a lifelong competitive athlete and a mom: Transgender athletes aren't a threat to women's sports

Policies at the Olympic level allowing transgender athletes to compete have been in place for years, and yet we have never seen a transgender woman in the Olympics

By Jennifer Grosshandler. USA Today, May 28, 2021.

In coming out as trans, Nikki Hiltz is visible, vulnerable, and making track more inclusive

By Nikki Hiltz, as told to Alex Azzi. On Her Turf contributor. NBC Sports. First published Apr 23, 2021.

"I’m a firm believer that visibility and vulnerability are essential to creating inclusive spaces. I’m so grateful for the trans folks who came before me, who weren’t afraid to show up as themselves. Thanks to them, I feel a responsibility to be authentic and open and visible because I know that I can create space for someone else.

    And when I race, there’s an idea that helps me reach the finish line that much faster: if you win, you will be seen. The camera follows the athlete in the lead, the interview goes to the athlete who wins. And if that athlete is me, I know there is power in my being seen. Because representation is so important."

The inclusion of transgender athletes
By Schuylar Bailar. March 2021.
“Trans folks’ participation in sports is a fiercely debated topic. Though trans people face discrimination in most arenas, sports seems to be the most difficult one, especially when folks attempt to bring—usually unsubstantiated—”scientific“ claims into the discussions.”

Jake Caswell wins nonbinary division at the 2022 New York City Marathon

For the first time in World Major Marathon history, the top nonbinary finishers earned prize money

By Chris HatlerRunner's World. Nov 6, 2022.

"While it wasn’t the first time the the New York City Marathon crowned a nonbinary division champion, the event made history by becoming the first World Major Marathon to award prize money to nonbinary athletes. New York City resident Jake Caswell ran 2:45:12 to cross the finish line first."

Joe Biden’s gender discrimination order offers hope for young trans athletes
“Order delivers incremental win for athletes seeking to participate as their identified gender in high school and college sports“

Meet Rebekah
Human Rights Campaign. April 2021. Video. (US)
“Since the start of 2021, legislators in more than 30 states have introduced bills that would ban transgender kids from playing sports.
Few of them have bothered to get to know the kids who would be impacted.  Meet Rebekah.”

NCAA Inclusion of transgender student-athletes
By NCAA Office of Inclusion. Aug 2011. (National Collegiate Athletic Association)

"The Office of Inclusion will provide or enable programming and education, which sustains foundations of a diverse and inclusive culture across dimensions of diversity including, but not limited to age, race, sex, national origin, class, creed, educational background, disability, gender expression, geographical location, income, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation and work experiences."

Ness Murby: Transcending


"The six-part documentary series follows groundbreaking Paralympian Ness Murby as he trains and vies to become the world’s first openly trans man to compete at a Paralympic Games."

Study examines attitudes toward transgender athletes
University of Toledo News Release 14 Jan 2020

“The research published in the journal Sex Roles identifies sports fans as a significant source of resistance to transgender participation on sports teams that match their gender identity”

Trans girls belong on girls’ sports teams

"There is no scientific case for excluding them"

By Jack Turban. Scientific American, Mar 16, 2021.

"The notion of transgender girls having an unfair advantage comes from the idea that testosterone causes physical changes such as an increase in muscle mass. But transgender girls are not the only girls with high testosterone levels. An estimated 10 percent of women have polycystic ovarian syndrome, which results in elevated testosterone levels. They are not banned from female sports. Transgender girls on puberty blockers, on the other hand, have negligible testosterone levels. Yet these state bills would force them to play with the boys. Plus, the athletic advantage conferred by testosterone is equivocal. As Katrina Karkazis, a senior visiting fellow and expert on testosterone and bioethics at Yale University explains, “Studies of testosterone levels in athletes do not show any clear, consistent relationship between testosterone and athletic performance. Sometimes testosterone is associated with better performance, but other studies show weak links or no links. And yet others show testosterone is associated with worse performance.” The bills’ premises lack scientific validity."

Trans inclusion in school sports doesn't hurt cisgender girls, new report finds

The report comes at a crucial turning point for trans athletics in schools, which is currently under attack in 11 state legislatures

By James Factora. them emagazine. Feb 2021.

“What about the trans athletes who compete — and win — in men’s sports?"
By Britni de la Cretaz. Jan 2021
"On the oft-overlooked case of America’s supposedly 'disadvantaged' transmasculine athletes”


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