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As a transgender woman, I do not want to be accepted… I just want to be.
By Kathryn Foss. Jan 2021

Coming out as trans in Alberta: ‘It’s hard at first… I was always hyper vigilant’

By Emily Mertz.  Global News, posted June 24, 2021.   (Alberta)

Cindy Rivers' story of her transitioning in Alberta. "Rivers came out at the age of 30 in northern Alberta. She hopes progress continues — when it comes to social acceptance, understanding and medical supports."

Darker shades of pink: Having depression when you’re transgender
By Zinnia Jones Mar 2014


Essential tips for parents of transgender children
Your child came out as trans? Here's your playbook

By Cassie Brighter. My Trans Child. Parenting Trans Kids. Jul 15, 2021.

Advice from a (transgender) mom.

‘It’s how I feel. It’s not how you feel’: Four teens explain why they reject the gender binary
“The first time someone used my pronouns, I almost cried”
By Adrienne Matei. Illustrations by Agata Nowicka. June 2020. (US)
“A growing number of US kids are rejecting traditional gender identities in favor of being non-binary, but many feel misunderstood and face prejudice.”

Letter to a trans teen

By Cassie Brighter. My Trans Child - Transgender Teens. Jul 17, 2021.

"Remember, you’re in charge of what happens next."

Advice from a (transgender) mom to transgender teens.

So, your child came out as trans. (Where do you start?)

By Evey Winters. Evey Winters blog post.   (US)

"Before we begin, I want to thank you. If you’re here, you’re trying. I say it often that the parents of transgender children that I get to meet in my work are my favorite people. Because you’re seeking. Because you are learning. I doubt you were prepared for the moment your child came out to you as trans, or hinted that they might be. That’s not something that shows up in parenting books or conversations with your mom."

“That was dysphoria?” 8 signs and symptoms of indirect gender dysphoria
by Zinnia Jones. Sep 2013

What’s in a name?

By Clio Hartzer. Being’ Enby blog. Nov 2020.

“There is little risk in using the names our parents have given us. We do not claim any personal ownership in those names. But when we choose our own names, we have more personal investment in them.  Our parents name our bodies. We name our souls.“


Yes, I have a ‘mental disorder.’ But it’s not being transgender.
By Sam Dylan Finch of “Let’s Queer Things Up! Blog. 2018




Everyday Anomaly Coaching & Mentorship: Empowering the transgender community

By Dean Rasmussen. Coach and blogger.  Grande Prairie.

Dean offers coaching, weekly virtual support groups, blogs and podcasts.

“As a trans person and parent of trans kids, I have a unique and valuable perspective to offer you and your family. I believe that life should be intentional, successful and celebrated!

    Everyday Anomaly Coaching and Mentorship grew out of my desire to empower the transgender community and their families. Over the past 4 years I have met a disproportionate number of transgender folks who struggle with loving and accepting themselves. I’ve met numerous parents who want their kids to have the best possible life but aren’t sure how to empower their transgender children. I believe that being transgender is a gift. I believe that the world will have no option but to celebrate transgender and non binary individuals when we are empowered to show up as our truest selves proudly and unapologetically.”




Instagram:       @everydayanomalycoaching


Gender Analysis Web Series

By Zinnia Jones. Gender Analysis web series. (US)

Not labelled as a blog, but articles are mostly written by Zinnia.

 “I’m Zinnia Jones, a trans woman activist and writer on YouTube. I've been transitioning for the past eight years, which has required me to learn a lot about a variety of transgender-related subjects. In that time, I've found that most mainstream coverage of trans topics is largely inadequate – presenting only shallow oversimplifications, produced by cis (non-trans) people, for cis people. I think we can do better, and that’s the aim of Gender Analysis.

Click HERE for Facebook page.

Let’s queer things up!

By Sam Dylan Finch. Blog. (US)
“Hi there! My name is Sam Dylan Finch. I’m a 29-year-old writer and wellness coach, living in Portland, Oregon. He or they pronouns are fine by me! I started Let’s Queer Things Up! seven years ago, hoping to empower LGBTQ+ people to take command of their mental health. LQTU is equal parts advice blog and personal journey….”


Purple and Green and the Life in Between  (blog)

By Meaghan Ray. Blog. They also have a Let's Talk Gender Podcast series.  (Alberta)
“... a blog about being gender queer/non-binary, having a partner who transitions, and musings about the gendered aspects of society.”

Raising fabulous: A dad’s journey with his transgender daughter

Blog site.
“I’m the father of a gender fluid son, and my goal isn’t to necessarily educate or sensationalize what myself, my son, or my family is going through. The purpose of this blog is for me to work through the thoughts that seem to be rampaging through my head on any given day as I deal with our new normal. If, you stumble across this and it gives you some peace of mind to know that you’re not the only one, or that the thoughts and feelings you have are completely normal then that’s great. If not, then that’s alright as well, because I’m doing this for my piece of mind for as long as I need to, and perhaps when my son (or daughter) is older he (or she) might find it interesting to read, or not.”


Transgender teen survival guide

“We are a blog created for people of all ages who have questions concerning their gender identity.”



A blog by a trans teenager in the US.
Various topics:  "Confused? Start here / On allyship / Combat transphobia / Misconceptions debunked / Glossary of terms" / … other resources too.


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