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Surgery at
GrS Montreal Hospital

GrS Montreal is the hospital where most trans-related surgeries take place for Albertans. Posts below are taken from the GrS Montreal blog TransAvenue or from their website.


There are many other articles on their website that may be of interest, including interviews and blogs about the pioneers of trans-related surgeries.


For more detailed information about surgeries, see also the section entitled “Medical – Surgery Information“.




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"GrS Montreal : Gender Affirmation and Plastic Surgery in Montreal"


TransAvenue blog on GrS Montreal website

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"GrS Montreal - Gender affirming surgeries"


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* Update on the New Standards of Care *

By GrS Montreal : Gender Affirmation and Plastic Surgery in Montreal, Feb 15, 2023.

" The list of documents required and the process to open a file are detailed in this document:

We invite you to communicate with us at for more specific questions."

Click to read in French:

" *Mise à jour des nouveaux standards de soins*.  La liste de documents requis et le processus d’ouverture de dossier sont détaillés dans ce document :

Nous vous invitons à communiquer avec nous à pour des questions plus spécifiques."


Having a top surgery in the midst of a pandemic
By Alex Simon, for GrS Montreal blog TransAvenue, September 2020
“The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the temporary closure of all surgical centers for trans people. Here is the story of a person who had a mastectomy at GRS Montreal when the hospital reopened.”


How is the nursing staff of the Centre Métropolitain de Chirurgie selected?
GrS Montreal blog TransAvenue, February 2020

“The nursing staff of the Centre Métropolitain de Chirurgie is handpicked. This meticulous selection is not exclusively based on the content of each employee’s CV: it is largely guided by several other aspects.”


​Mental health and gender affirmation surgery
GRS Montreal blog TransAvenue, June 2020
“Symptoms of anxiety and depression often mark this difficult journey. This is commonly known as gender dysphoria.”

Organization of your stay at GrS Montreal
GrS Montreal blog TransAvenue, November 2019
“The mere idea of a major surgery can be enough to arouse anxiety in the future patient. Preparing and organizing one’s own convalescence when having to travel back and forth plus coordinate everything else can amplify the fear. To ensure that everything is going well for their clients, GRS Montreal strives to secure patient peace of mind.”


​Recovery home Asclepe
GrS Montreal blog TransAvenue, November 2019
“Asclepiade is a recovery home, where you can rest and recover after a genital surgery such as vaginoplasty, phalloplasty or metoidioplasty.”


What is a metoidioplasty?
GrS Montreal blog TransAvenue, January 2020
“This article addresses metoidioplasty, a surgery that is part of the gender affirmation process of woman to man (FTM) or to non-binary (FTX).”


​What is a phalloplasty?
GrS Montreal blog TransAvenue, November 2019
“Phalloplasty is a major surgical procedure that aims at constructing or reconstructing a phallus. It is sometimes indicated to correct a malformation or in the case of a micro-penis, but mainly, it is indicated for trans men.”


What is a vaginoplasty?
For GrS Montreal blog TransAvenue, November 8, 2019
“Vaginoplasty is a gender affirmation surgery that creates a vaginal cavity and a vulva from existing genital tissue.”

What is an orchiectomy surgery?
GrS Montreal blog TransAvenue. March 2020
“Orchiectomy is a relatively simple procedure involving the removal of the testicles.”

What is facial feminization surgery? (FFS)
GrS Montreal blog TransAvenue, December 2019
“Facial Feminization Surgery, better known by its acronym FFS, is a set of surgical procedures that aims to alter the facial features of the patient in the context of a MTF transition.”


What is the CPATH?
GrS Montreal blog TransAvenue, Oct 2020.


​Why I chose vulvoplasty?
By Frances, for GrS Montreal blog TransAvenue. May 2020
“A vulvoplasty is a gender affirming genital reconstruction surgery that creates a neo-vulva. It fashions the external female genitalia but without a vaginal cavity. “



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