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This section was created for graphics, but also for useful information in an information sheet format.


*** This section is a “work in progress”. Posters and quotes to come. ***


Trans inclusivity 101
The Skipping Stone Foundation, Calgary, (2021?). (Calgary)
“This poster is designed to provide some foundational knowledge as well as simple, practical steps people can take to be more trans inclusive.
It is a great tool to display in classrooms, workplaces or anywhere that reminders might be helpful.”
Chart includes: understanding common terms / understanding pronouns/ avoid gendered language / check your own assumptions / apologize when we make a mistake / dos and don’ts / rein in curiousity / listen.


Gender Unicorn

By Trans Student Educational Resources (TSER ). Graphic.  (US)
In numerous languages.

By Trans Student Educational Resources (TSER). (US?)
“TSER’s trans-related infographic series. We encourage you to share and print these graphics! Below are the released infographics and corresponding references. You are welcome to use these graphics in any manner (even commercially) as long as they include credit and are not altered. You do not need to contact us to request permission. Click on the graphic to view full size, related references, links, and discussion.”


Genderbread Person v.4.0
Graphic.  (US)
“A teaching tool for breaking the big concept of gender down into bite-sized, digestible pieces.” Gender identity vs attraction vs expression vs sex vs pronouns….


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